Have you ever...

Felt no achievement is ever enough?
Your unrelenting high standards hold you back, learn how to overcome in this course.

Wanted it to be so perfect, that it never got done!?
Overcome fear of failure. Learn it in 30 days with this course

Kept checking your work for mistakes even when there are none?
This course has you covered!

Easy 3 step method!

  • Understand

    Understand concepts which make you behave the the way you do based on cognitive behavioural therapy.

  • Implement

    Implement what you learn, change your thinking and behaviour through easy to follow video lessons

  • Succeed

    Succeed by doing the guided exercises on downloadable worksheets

Here is what you get!

-- More than 55 lessons spread over 7 modules covering

* Understand perfectionism, the roots, the reason the vicious cycle which keeps us trapped

* Map out your perfectionism cycle, understand what is needed to change.

* Dismiss perfectionism thinking

* Practical techniques to overcome perfectionsim

* How to sustain the gains and prevent relapse

* How to tolerate the discomfort of being excellent

-- Video lessons for each step

-- Downloadable worksheets to practice the lessons

-- Designed for busy professional 30 minutes for 30 days

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When you enroll, you get access to the following exclusive bonus material

  • Course on Time management

    20 part video course worth $37

  • Course on unleashing Creativity

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Perfectionism to excellence - Welcome

  • 2

    BONUS: Free ebook - What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

    • What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy eBook (Download)

  • 3

    Understanding Perfectionism

    • Definition of Perfectionism

    • The good, the bad, the ugly of Perfectionism

    • Worksheet - 03 - The good and bad of your perfectionism (Download)

    • Are you a perfectionist? - Assessment

    • Worksheet - 04 - Are you a perfectionist - assessment (Download)

    • How did you become a perfectionist?

    • Your unhelpful rules and assumptions about perfectionism

    • Worksheet - 06 - Your unhelpful rules for perfectionism (Download)

    • Your unrelenting high standards of perfectionism

    • Worksheet - 07 - Your unrelenting high standards of perfectionism (Download)

  • 4

    How is perfectionism perpetuated?

    • How unrelenting high standards keep perfectionism going?

    • Biased information processing in perfectionism

    • Self criticism and unhelpful thinking patterns in perfectionism

    • Perfectionism Behaviours, rewards and reinforcements

    • Worksheet - 11 - what is perpetuating your perfectionism (Download)

    • Perfectionism Cycle

    • Worksheet - 12 - Your perfectionism cycle (Download)

    • Decision to change perfectionism

    • Worksheet - 13 - Change process balance sheet (Download)

    • What does changing perfectionism involve?

    • Worksheet - 14 - Setting goals for change (Download)

    • Some coping tips before you start to change your perfectionism

  • 5

    Changing behaviour to overcome perfectionism

    • Introduction to changing perfectionist behaviours

    • Worksheet - 16 - Your perfectionism behaviours (Download)

    • Working towards your goals - building a stepladder

    • Working towards your goals - behavioural experiments

    • Worksheet - 18 - Behavioural Experiments (Download)

    • Working towards your goals - learning to relax

    • Worksheet - 19 - Roll the dice (Download)

  • 6

    Changing thinking to overcome perfectionism

    • Automatic thoughts

    • Worksheet - 20 - Automatic Thoughts and Feelings (Download)

    • ABC Model of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    • Worksheet - 21 - ABC Model (Download)

    • Thought diaries for disputing perfectionism thinking.

    • Worksheet - 22 - ABC Model Thought Diary (Download)

    • Changing unhelpful rules of perfectionism - Part 1

    • Changinging unhelpful rules of perfectionism - Part 2

    • Worksheet - 23 - Adjusting unhelpful rules and assumptions (Download)

  • 7

    Preventing perfectionism relapse

    • How self-worth relates to perfectionism?

    • Worksheet - 24 - My self worth Pie Chart (Download)

    • Uninstalling the perfectionism mindset

    • Worksheet - 25 - Uninstalling the perfectionist mindset (Download)

  • 8

    Putting it all together and action plan

    • Putting it all together

    • The final action plan

    • Worksheet: Perfectionism Action Plan (Download)

  • 9

    BONUS - Free Live Session with Dr. Tarique Sani

    • Book your free live 1:1 session

  • 10

    BONUS: Time management course (download)

    • Time management course (Download)

  • 11

    BONUS: Unleash your creativity course (download)

    • Unleash your creativity course (download)

  • 12

    BONUS: Access to various free books

    • Access to free useful books

Effects of being a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can lead to emotional problems like anxiety.

If we can't complete the tasks we start, if we can't accomplish our goals it can make us feel tense, stressed, worried or resentful. The obvious effect of perfectionism is in missed opportunities and social isolation BUT It can also lead to unhealthy and uncomfortable relationships. People close to us think we are self centered and rude

Perfectionist are likely to suffer from insomnia, chronic tiredness and stress and also have higher incidence of depression.

Overcoming perfectionism is a skill which can be easily learned online

A course taught by Dr. Tarique Sani

Dr. Tarique Sani helps senior IT executives overcome anxiety, overwhelm and procrastination, unleashing their potential using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy . He is certified from Beck Institute, Philadelphia and Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA. He has  been practicing CBT since the past 7 years and has clients spread across 17 countries.

He is formally educated to  be a medical doctor, practiced as a Pediatrician and Forensic expert for 10 years before starting his software company SANIsoft. He successfully nurtured SANIsoft as the CTO for 20+ years. Currently, apart from doing one to one coaching, he is also the senior faculty for CBT at Achology - The academy of modern applied psychology. 

When not practicing CBT he can be found running and doing long distance cycling with his friends in the city of Nagpur in central India. He is passionate about sustainable living, teaching people to grow their own food in their gardens.

You can follow him on LinkedIn

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